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Certified Fraud Examiner

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Association of Certified Fraud Examiners


Ameican College of Forensic Examiners Institute

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American College of Forensic Examiners Institute



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Certified Computer Examiner

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Computer Forensics - E Discovery
Morristown - New Jersey


  • We specialize in both civil and criminal matters.

  • Work closely with attorneys & their clients for best results.

  • Issue comprehensive & well documented forensic reports.

  • Forensic imaging & evidence preservation.

  • Targeted collections.

  • Personal computers - laptops - workstations - servers.

  • iPhones - Blackberrys  - Cell Phones - PDAs - USB/Flash Drives

  • Digital cameras, DA’s, CD's, DVDs, flash cards, or tapes. 

  • E-mail Analysis - E-Mail Tracing - E-Mail Recovery.

  • Internet history analysis.

  • Recovery of deleted & hidden files.

  • Recovery of instant messages & chat logs .......more 

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The CCE Certification is one of the most recognizable credentials in the digital forensics industry.

The Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) Guided Self-Study is a self-paced online training course in computer forensic examinations that will provide instruction on conducting forensically sound computer examinations and will prepare you for the Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) exam.



E-Discovery Without the High Price Tag

High quality e-discovery solutions have traditionally been too expensive for all but the larger, complex matters. We have solutions to give small & mid size law firms affordable, easy-to-use e-discovery system for all their cases. Now that state courts have begun creating e-discovery rules, even those of you who don’t practice in federal court need to get up to speed.




The Federal Rules of Discovery dictate that each company has a duty to preserve documents that may be relevant in a case.

"When duty to preserve is triggered, promptly isolate and protect potentially relevant data in ways that are: legally defensible; reasonable; proportionate; efficient; auditable; broad but tailored; mitigate risks" (source edrm.net).

An employee has left the company? are you are upgrading/changing computers? It's best to preserve electronically stored information  in a manner that's legally defensible especially   More 


For Business - We offer comprehensive user based Activity Monitoring software that allows IT professionals, Human Resources, Legal Counsel, and General Managers to monitor, replay, and analyze all user, department, and division electronic activity More 

For Families -You'll never again worry about your teen's mobile device activity. Install eBLASTER Mobile® on their smart phones and ensure that your teens & pre-teens are using their devices appropriately. More 




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