Our Service Model - Flexible and Adaptive

The fees for traditional e-discovery services, based on data volume, are geared to ‘mega cases’ with high stakes and high budgets. Unfortunately, the high cost of e-discovery often has undue influence over the decision to settle vs. pursue a case. We shift the equation, freeing you from the strategy limitations posed by e-discovery.

Our e-discovery solution is a practical, cost-controlled, collaborative, end-to-end e-discovery solution for corporations and law firms facing mainstream cases and government investigations. Our services are flexible and can fit your budget, particular requirements and specific needs:

Service Providers & Consultants.

 We will discuss strategy, collect the data, process it, apply filters, keyword and metadata analysis, culling, reduce the amount of data for "Review Ready" results, produce reports for you and deliver in native format or image format with load files for use by your existing software such as Concordance, Summation or any other software you use for further review by you and your staff. For this we can charge per Gigabyte or per hour depending on your needs and budget. Our fees are extremely competitive and can beat any other proposals you may have.

Software & Training.

Once you are familiar with the process and the software, you may wish to bring it in house and save more on your e-discovery needs. We will sell you the software and train you and your staff to take full control. After that we'll be available if and when you need us.

Hybrid model - Something in Between.

If you don't have the time or the budgets to purchase and maintain software licenses for a number of users in your office you can still purchase a single user module. For large jobs or if you don't have the time or resources to process and analyze the data we'll do it for you and have it ready for your review. This is a collaborative process and gives you the flexibility to scale up when and if you need it.

Hosted Solution.

Using scalable and reliable technology backed by proven methodologies, our e-discovery solution gives you control of your matters by allowing you to efficiently and securely manage, review and produce data without the need for costly software licenses, installation, or investment in hardware and additional IT resources. Now your litigation support teams can be up and running with access to your documents in less than a day.

Our hosted product is highly efficient, offering users access control management, matter project management, robust document review and work product designation, collection based processing, and experienced technical support. Remote is scalable and will immediately support up to 50 simultaneous users – all for a predictable and manageable monthly subscription fee.

Our Software


Our software offers an end to end solution with complete eDiscovery processing. Complete e-discovery processing, Early Case Assessment (ECA), Review and Production. Unlimited processing capability and no per GB fees. No need for expensive software such as LAW, Nuix, WestLaw or other pre-processing tools. We'll help you formulate case strategy early with ECA / analysis tools

 Easy to Use

Easier to use than Summation or Concordance, at a fraction of the cost! Outlook-style, intuitive review screens reduce the reviewer learning curve All-in-one design eliminates the risk of data loss between disparate application

Fully Defensible

Load and review adverse party productions Automated privilege log; Detailed activity reports document all decisions E-Discovery for Everyone Produce in native, image, or load file format in full compliance with e-discovery order. Portable Case Data: The case database, along with work product, can move easily from a work group to a desktop or remote hosting accessible to everyone on your team.

Better Informed Case Strategy

Confirm the cost of e-discovery early. Our e-discovery model takes the variability out of processing costs, allowing you to accurately assess your options. Integrated analytics identify key individuals, topics, events, informing you for a Meet & Confer discussion and e-discovery agreement.

Reduce Risk of Data Loss

All document extraction, email processing, and final production are done ithin a work group. Collected data never leaves your control; eliminate the risks inherent in multi-vendor processing; Rapid, Consistent Review. Familiar Windows work area resembles Outlook, reducing the learning curve for eviewers. Family group and conversation thread management assure consistent, rapid review. Every activity, decision, tag and data management action is captured in detailed defensibility logs.

Freedom from Uncertainty

Our platform scales to support every matter – from the smallest in-house issue to the large, complex multi-year litigation. Our team of consultants backs you through the entire project - you’ll have the resources to meet any unanticipated challenge in e-discovery.