Working in computer forensics we always have a need to safeguard the integrity of the digital evidence we come in contact with. Through the years we were not happy with the solutions available so we decided to design and develop “ForensicBlock” for computers using the Windows Operating system.

“ForensicBlock” was designed that once installed to automatically write block and prevent write attempts to any hard drive attached to the computer internally or externally except the drive that contains the operating system. It allows read only functionally but the user has the ability to unblock the drive at will. It can be used by Computer Forensic Analysts on workstations for forensic analysis and on laptops for imaging or by IT Departments who wish to prevent employees from copying confidential documents to attached devices on their workstations. The software can be password protected. Blocking and unblocking can be turned on or off only if you have the password.

Features include:

  • Blocks by default all drives and volumes attached to your computer - PATA/SATA/SAS/SCSI/USB.
  • Operating system is never blocked by default.
  • Unblock any physical drive and/or volume you want to write to.
  •  Remembers the last settings of previously used drives
  • Use in your lab for forensic work or on the field for imaging.
  • No speed degradation during imaging or processing.
  •  Fast blocking and unblocking. Beats any other software in the market today.
  •  Use on different computers by activating and deactivating your license.
  • Forensically sound alternative to current hardware write blocking.
  •  Dramatically reduce the cost of write blocking your devices.
  • Cheaper than hardware write blockers.
  • Turn your laptop in to an awesome imaging machine - no hardware blockers to carry around.
  • Software independent - Use your favorite imaging software.
  • Works on Windows communication framework for a full integrated windows solution.
  • Integrated on Windows Kernel level to producing higher-quality, more robust write blocking.
  • Protection starts at the boot level and as soon as Windows loads.

To purchase or get a free demo of the software please go here: