Digital Forensics. Cybersecurity. eDiscovery.

Digital Forensics. Cybersecurity. eDiscovery.

Axiana is a digital forensics and cybersecurity company that specializes in forensic examinations, end-to-end eDiscovery solutions, and data security

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Digital Solutions We Provide

For over 20 years, small to mid-sized organizations have trusted Axiana with their most valuable data and ESI for forensic analysis, management, and security

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

Extract and recover electronic evidence where it lives. Our experts analyze and reconstruct events to provide actionable intelligence and present findings for litigation.

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 Smart eDiscovery

Smart eDiscovery

From collection through production, our eDiscovery platform, complete with training and technical support, offers a simple, but powerful end-to-end solution enabling lawyers to quickly review relevant data and uncover insights.

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Whether on the cloud or on premises, we provide autonomous technology and cybersecurity solutions to protect and govern your most valuable data.

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Litigation Support

We offer a full suite of litigation support services including discovery management, managed document review, trial presentation services, and court report & deposition services

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How it Works

Talk to one of our digital forensics or cybersecurity experts for a free consultation to discuss your case or business needs. Once we understand the scope and purpose of the inquiry, we will provide a clear, transparent quote. No hidden fees, no surprises.

Digital Forensics

Acquisition & Preservation

We collect and preserve digital evidence in a forensically sound manner. ESI is acquired from the cloud, onsite, at our lab or via remote connections


Using the latest technology and software, our experts analyze a host of computer artifacts to determine user activity and reconstruct a timeline of events

Reporting & Expert Testimony

Should a case move to court, we will produce a detailed report of our conclusions and testify if needed. Our process is build step-by-step with robust controls to endure any scrutiny we should face in court


Email Security

Attackers know that employees are the easiest way into your organization. Our people-centric cybersecurity is designed for an era of user-based risks. Protect your enterprise from email threats.

AI powered Cybersecurity

One platform to prevent, detect, respond, and hunt in all your devices. Act faster and smarter than a human ever could. Our solution provides military-grade protection that’s on-duty 24/7/365. It autonomously repel cyberattacks in real-time with AI. Defend faster, at greater scale, and with higher accuracy across their entire attack surface.

Data Protection & Compliance

Protect the critical information you store. Identify your most critical data and restrict access to only those who need it. Enable data owners to verify the sensitivity of that data to monitor user access. Identify the most significant risks around your data and close those gaps first.

Cloud-Based SOC

With an innovative agent-based zero trust model that eschews conventional perimeter-based security models,our solution can easily monitor all endpoints for all kinds of attacks. Generate summary reports for failed logins, file access, vulnerabilities, and much more.

Smart eDiscovery

Data Intake

ESI is collected according to industry standard by our digital forensics experts or provided by the client if the data collection phase has already occurred. The data is reviewed and relevant documents are uploaded to Smart eDiscovery for further processing.

Processing & Hosting

The uploaded data is indexed, OCR'd, deduplicated and analyzed. You can visually digest your data by file extensions, data type and other metrics.

Search, Review, & Production

After the data is processed and analyzed the data is ready for attorney review. Searches can be performed in seconds and document review is easy and straightforward. You can then produce and export data in a variety of ways, native, PDF, or Image formats.


We are a digital forensics company on a mission. We want to offer our clients digital forensics services as efficiently and as cost effective as possible. Our expertise and extensive experience can help you face off challenges from adversaries or provide you with the evidence to prosecute or settle a case.

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What Our Clients Say

“I had a difficult case that seemed unwinnable. But with Tino Kyprianou’s help we were able to challenge the government’s digital forensic evidence and prevail over what seemed to overwhelming odds. In the end, my client, who was facing first degree time, entered a plea to a term of probation. We even avoided the Meghan’s law reporting and lifetime parole supervision requirements. None of it would have happened without Tino’s expertise and hard work. My client and I are extremely grateful for the help Tino gave us. If you need a digital forensic expert, Tino is the go-to guy.”

Ernest G. Ianetti, Esq.

Ianetti Law Firm, Rockaway, NJ

“Hi Tino, I’ve received several phone calls from attorneys recently told them that you’re the best. I hope you get the business. You deserve it”

Noel E. Schablik, Esq.

Noel Shablik PA, Parsippany NJ

“Tino, I referred AK to you today. She is an attorney who usually does employer-side litigation. She needs someone to prove that ………….. I recommended you highly!”

Cindy Salvo Esq.

The Salvo Law Group, Fairfield, NJ

“Tino: Thanks. You do great work and you are very responsive.”

Henry Klingeman Esq.

Klingeman Cerilele Attorneys, Morristown, NJ

“Tino Kyprianou is conscientious and always available. He put together an excellent and detailed report which was used for motion practice. He greatly assisted us in getting good results. I would highly recommend him for your forensic needs.”

Eric Morrell Esq.

Law Offices of Eric B. Morrell, New Brunswick, NJ

“For better or worse, I am not particularly tech savvy. Tino is very accessible and generous with his time. He listens carefully to see if he can help or possibly help, and patiently explains technical concepts in a manner that makes sense to a layperson. I enthusiastically recommend Tino and Axiana Digital Forensics.”

John P. Robertson II, Esq. Officer/Secretary Morris County Bar Association

Hanlon Dunn Robertson, Morristown, NJ

“I have retained Mr. Kyprianou as a computer forensics expert in several complex criminal matters. His knowledge, skill and ability to clearly communicate complicated issues has helped to bring a favorable resolution to my clients. I highly recommend him without hesitation as do many of my attorney colleagues.”

Sharon Bittner Kean Esq. Madison, NJ - Past President Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers of New Jersey

Law Office of Sharon Bittner Kean, Madison, NJ

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