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Axiana’s Smart eDiscovery Platform is a new horizon of corporate data indexing that takes the latest technologies and creates the most comprehensive and advanced Electronic Discovery tool in the industry. On-demand and easy-to-use, Smart eDiscovery enables lawyers to work smarter, not harder.

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The simplest, most powerful Smart eDiscovery platform in the industry

Processing & Hosting





Processing & Hosting

Processing & Hosting

Smart eDiscovery processes Electronically Stored Information (ESI) during data intake. Processing data involves many different tasks that are distributed and completed on each individual item or file


  • Easy Drag and Drop Processing
  • Hash code generation
  • Audio/Video file transcription to searchable text
  • Extract Email Domain
  • Extract attachments and/or embedded items
  • Real
  • Email Threading
  • Dropbox Integration
  • Extract Metadata
  • Creation of reviewable PDF
  • Decompress and Extract from archive or container files
  • Extract Text

Advanced Search

Smart eDiscovery Platform user are able to search across their entire project, or within specific data collections, by using our Quick Search Bar and Advanced Search Query Builder


  • Quick Search Bar allows simple searches across your entire project or within specific data collections
  • Advanced Search Query Builder allows users more complex search queries
Advanced Search


Smart eDiscovery Platform provides a variety of resources for analyzing and understanding your data. We offer preset project searches, pre- and post-processing metrics/graphs, data timelines, domain analysis, reporting tools and more!

Pre-Processing Metrics

These metrics show users the size of their initial data, as well as the size after extracting container files like ZIPs and PSTs. It also gives users a breakdown of data by extension and category. This information is available to download in easy-to-view spreadsheet and PDF files

Post-Processing Metrics

Post-Processing Metrics provide information about the data after analysis. Users will receive a Data Overview that breaks down their data by extension, category, collection and custodian. A document timeline is also provided that enables users to identify any gaps in the data and/or filter it down to specific dates.

Resource Reports

Customizable and allow the user to select which metadata fields they want to see for their records. Easily create privilege logs, reference tables, and more!

Tag Reports

Customizable and enable users to view the total number of records with each applied project, system, batch, or domain tag. Great for creating search hit reports.


Smart eDiscovery Platform makes it easy to batch your data and track its review process. With unlimited user accounts and on demand reviews, you’ll have all the resources you’ll need.


  • Redaction
  • Unlimited Users
  • “Hot Key” Features
  • Multiple User Roles
  • User Notes and Privilege Notes
  • Easy, Fast, Secure
  • Document Clustering Technologies
  • Multiple Views
  • Built in Audio and Video File Players
  • Dual Monitor Support
  • Automatic Keyword Search
  • Full Access Metadata


Smart eDiscovery Platform is capable of exporting data in a variety of formats, as well as endorsing records with bates numbers and other branding.

Branded Images

Branded Images are a resized image of either PDF or TIFF files that can be labeled with bates numbers, confidential labels, and other text endorsements. Branding can also be done based on project tags

Un-Branded Images

This format is the PDF file that the system generates during processing without any resizing or endorsements applied.

Native Files

This includes the original files that were processed with options to keep the original folder structures and naming, or to rename the records by bates number. Native file integrity is maintained with original metadata.

Text Files

This is the extracted or transcribed text of the records provided in a standard .TXT format. Text files are named by bates number

Load Files

This format is available as a DAT, TXT, OPT, or custom extension file. Load files contain the information necessary to load productions into 3rd party review platforms and allow users to view metadata in an ‘easy to access’ spreadsheet. These files are fully customizable with options to set date formatting, file headers and delimiters, and included metadata files.

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