About Us

Established over 20 years ago, Axiana offered specialized services in digital forensics when the industry was at its infancy and was commonly termed as “computer forensics”. Until the late 1990s, the first computer examiners were mostly law enforcement officers. In the early 2000s lead instructors from law enforcement developed standardized protocols and a certification process in computer forensics in the private sector. Our founder was among the first individuals in the US to train with these instructors and become a “Certified Computer Examiner”.

As technology evolved and new devices such as mobile phones and cloud computing came into existence, forensics evolved into digital forensics. With these new technologies, the number of documents produced in litigation increased exponentially and the field of electronic discovery emerged. Axiana was at the forefront and expanded its services to help attorneys take advantage of the new eDiscovery technologies in document processing, search, review and production.

As digital devices and the cloud became an integral part of our lives, the field of cybersecurity was developed to protect companies and individuals from online criminals. Today, legislation in private data protection is taking hold in the US and the EU, necessitating yet another technology to emerge. This technology helps companies protect and secure the private data they collect, comply with strict regulations regarding Personally Identifiable Information and avoid paying stiff penalties.

Axiana is abreast of all these developments and evolved with the times and technology. We have the knowledge and the experience to offer comprehensive solutions in Digital Forensics, eDiscovery, Cyber Security and Data Security. Our aim is to help our clients, who are mainly law firms, to stay ahead of these developments. We help them navigate through the new technologies, guide them in all aspect regarding digital evidence, help them process and review digital documents and how protect their digital infrastructure and important data from online criminals.

Our Leadership Team

Tino Kyprianou

Founder & CEO

Tino Kyprianou is the founder and CEO of Axiana. Tino is an entrepreneur with deep expertise in digital forensic investigations, eDiscovery, Cybersecurity, and fraud examinations. With over 20 years in the field, Tino worked on thousands of cases, both civil and criminal, and offered expert testimony in courts and depositions. Throughout his career, Tino routinely assists corporate clients and attorneys throughout the United States in digital forensic matters, electronic discovery, data breaches, incident response and cybersecurity services.

  • Master of Science Degree (University of South Wales)
  • Certificate in Computer Forensics (Cybercrime Institute)
  • Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)
  • Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)
  • International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners
  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
  • Information Systems Security Association

Cooper Kyprianou

Principal, Digital Forensics Analyst

Cooper is a Principal owner in Axiana and a digital forensics expert. He is responsible for defining and overseeing execution of Axiana's long-term growth objectives. Prior to Axiana, Cooper worked in corporate finance at a top US bank for over 5 years. During his time in finance, Cooper helped lead a team which produced capital measures for stress tests on over $2 trillion of assets, including for the Federal Reserve's Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) and Dodd Frank Annual Stress Testing (DFAST). Additionally, prior to banking, he managed and led an audit team that specialized in insurance and reinsurance operations across the United States and also assisted large insurance intermediaries with product launch initiatives.