Mobile Forensics

Data extraction, recovery, and analysis of electronically stored information on mobile devices and tablets.

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Mobile Forensics

Mobile Data Collection | Analysis & Reports

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Mobile Data Collection <span>|</span> Analysis & Reports

Mobile Forensic Steps

We create bit-for-bit forensic images of data stored on computer devices or other data storage media. We image the original media in a write-blocked environment to ensure source media is not altered. We process the imaged media through our licensed software to retrieve and analyze various data artifacts

Expert Evidence Analysis

After understanding the key issues and scope of the case, we use data artifacts to reconstruct events and answer core questions related to the case. We use advanced culling techniques to remove unrelated data so the analysis and presentation to the client is focused only on relevant material.

Data Artifacts include, but not limited to:

  • Device Info
  • Call Logs
  • Address Book
  • Instant Messages
  • Chats
  • Third Party Messages – WhatsApp etc.
  • Documents, Spreadsheets
  • PDF’s
  • Installed Applications
  • Images
  • Audio/Video
  • Passwords
  • Web History
  • Notes
  • Recordings
  • Geo-Locations
  • User Accounts
Reporting & Expert Testimony

Reporting & Expert Testimony

Our process has robust controls in place which are meticulously documented and tested end-to-end during the process to withstand any scrutiny faced in court. Should a case require an expert report filing or testimony, our certified forensic examiners are experienced and equipped to detail and defend the findings and conclusions made in our analysis, attest to the validity of the evidence, and document the methodologies used during the investigation.

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