Best Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics Company – Greater New York

Best Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics Company – Greater New York

As digital devices and the cloud became an integral part of life, the field of cybersecurity was developed to protect companies and individuals from online criminals. Axiana is abreast of all these developments. It has evolved with the times and technology to help its clients stay ahead of these developments themselves. Here we take a closer look as it wins this respected accolade.

Axiana is a company on a mission. It provides digital forensics, eDiscovery, cybersecurity, and data protection services in an “efficient and budget friendly” way. Established over 20 years ago, Axiana offered specialised services in digital forensics when the industry was in its infancy and was commonly termed “computer forensics”. Numerous small to mid-sized organisations have trusted Axiana with their most valuable data and ESI for forensic analysis, management, and security – and they have not been disappointed.

One of the more significant questions that companies face today is how to protect their most important and valuable data. Not only from people outside the business, but from the inside too.

In addition, government regulations and compliance requirements – to protect data involving personally identifiable information – are increasing by the day. Fortunately, Axiana is at the forefront of these changes and is ready to help its clients face future data security challenges. Understanding this, Axiana takes pride in teaching its clients and customers how to protect essential data, and their digital infrastructure.

It helps attorneys review large amounts of data and clients protect their most valuable digital assets and limit and monitor who has access to them. It also helps them navigate the new technologies, guides them in all aspects of digital evidence, and supports them in processing and reviewing digital documents to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. In a world where cyber-attacks grow, experts like Axiana are essential allies.

To assist its customers, Axiana leverages significant advancements in its field to remain on the cutting edge. Beyond simple digital forensics, it utilises and harnesses technology to investigate digital devices for digital evidence.

Its forensic examiners conduct investigations using the latest technology, software, and methods. The team forensically captures, processes, and analyses electronically stored information (ESI) that is both visible and invisible. If it exists on a computer, mobile device, the cloud, or an office network, Axiana will find it.

With computers, laptops, and servers, Axiana carefully analyses all relevant artefacts to determine user activity, internet activity, and USB access to not just gather what is available but to recover hidden or deleted data.

When investigating mobile devices – from cell phones to tablets – Axiana has expertise across all operating systems. The devices it investigates are imaged and examined to retrieve data such as messages/chats, images, calls, contacts, calendars, and more. Finally, in its cloud-based investigations, the team successfully retrieves and examines emails, backups, and data stored on cloud services, social media accounts, websites, and collaboration apps. The future for its company is to continue offering the best possible digital forensic services and bring technology to its clients that will enable them to protect their most important data – and restrict access to only those who are trusted with that data. Furthermore, in the near future, more companies will require cyber insurance which Axiana seeks to be at the forefront of. It already helps its clients fulfil data protection requirements and comply with relevant legislation. Also, pivoting to supply customers with insurance coverage, at a reasonable price, is a logical and exciting next step for Axiana. Cybersecurity will only become a greater focus as the digital space evolves. From soft-skill hackers to outright DDOS attacks, there are a veritable sea of options for malefactors, but Axiana consistently stops these actions in their tracks. Remaining vigilant, in the know, and responding swiftly with cutting-edge technology highlights Axiana as the Best Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics Company for Greater New York. Numerous companies have placed their faith in Axiana and more will in the future, all sharing their satisfaction with its exemplary work.

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